headshot.jpg Greg is the Release Manager for the Wikimedia Foundation where he works to bring you the latest version of the software that runs Wikipedia and related projects quicker and with fewer bugs. Previously, Greg was Education and Technology Policy Coordinator at Creative Commons. And before that he was the Copyright Specialist at the University of Michigan Library. He also consulted with the Open.Michigan initiative on legal and policy matters regarding Open Educational Resources.

Greg was a member of the Ubuntu LoCo Council, the Ubuntu Membership Board and was the founder of the Ubuntu Local Community Team (LoCo) for the state of Michigan.

Greg holds an MSI in Information Policy from the University of Michigan School of Information and a BA in Anthropology from the University of Minnesota.


Greg has given various presentations on topics such as Creative Commons, Open Access Publishing, Open Educational Resources, Open Data, Free/Open Source Software and the Google Library Project.

Many of these presentations (but not all) are available on slideshare.

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  • IRC: greg-g on Freenode and OFTC
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