First Pelican Post

I have now started using Pelican for my blog.

That sentence actually glosses over a long complicated story of why I haven't even had a blog for the last couple years. Not just a blog but any content on

First, the easy part: I like Pelican. So far feels like a good system for what I want (static site, not terribly complicated, tool in a language I know/what to keep learning, large number of available themes). Really, that's all I have to say about Pelican.

The longer story of why my domain has been empty? Ugh. It really boils down to:

  • The server my domain and email was hosted on died. May rose RIP.
    • rose was a cololocated server that I shared with a number of friends. Asheesh was the proprietor/operator.
  • I moved my email to immediately. No interruption there.
  • I was given a backup of my site. Thanks Asheesh.
  • I setup a DigitalOcean VPS for irssi and some small git-annex repos.
  • I had kid(s). I no longer had (effectively) any spare time to work on non-work computer things. It's a priorities thing. I'd rather spend time with my kids than on my laptop. I'll have time later to make a perfect web presence again. I won't be able to raise my kids again. Raising kids is hard, yo. I need all the time I can get to do it adequately.
  • I chose to spend some of my down time (aka: when I couldn't sleep) at this year's Wikimania in Montreal to pick a blogging platform and set it up on my VPS.
  • Here we are.

I don't think I'm going to blog a whole lot, honestly. But I am going to do the basic "document who I am on my own domain" thing a little bit.

Oh, sadly, I decided to heed Jon Phillips' (rejon's) advice from way back in 2008 when I was an intern for Creative Commons; I got rid of the blog subdomain. You were right rejon.

That's all. :)