Looking for a large disk VPS

Pretty simple: I want a VPS (or similar, something I can install git-annex on) that has a large amount of disk; multiple hundres of gigabytes.

Things I've looked at so far:

  • Bignodes.com's "Big data VPS"

    • 125g for $20/year (so $1.66/mo). The transfer limits are low, only 250g
    • Double the storage, ram, and transfer for $4/mo
    • Keep doubling all the numbers for the next prices/specs :)
  • rsync.net

    • Doesn't met the VPS/install git-annex requirement, but it's a basic ssh remote, which is nice
    • Still so expensive! 8 cents / gig / month. So for 125g that's $10/mo!
    • I love their service conceptually though (another reason to list it)
  • backupsy

    • Smallest option is 250g for $10/mo
  • a2hosting

    • Their shared host option has unlimited storage?!?!?!
    • No git-annex direct install, but I can probably get the standalone install to work.